20 04 2007

Mee: Yard work, only a bit for me, but at least it involved twisting and sitting, as in pulling weeds and picking up rocks. (Do you have a clue how many rocks are in Washington soil?) There is something to be said for living on a hill, ’cause I felt it in my legs. Yes! Then there was the standing around talking to our favorite neighbor afterward, so I suppose all that extra swiping at the gnat things and the over sized mosquitoes for that long conversation counts as arm exercises. .

Husband: Shoveling, wheelbarrowing dirt down the hill, and raking raking, raking – as in grading in preparation for the gravel tomorrow. Then the same standing and talking and extra swiping.

And yeah, we both got in some laughter today, especially during all that standing.

Progress is progress. Laughter is awesome, but then y’all know that!




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