21 04 2007

Mee: Yard work, aka, bringing empty wheelbarrow downhill (I got it uphill filled a couple of times), shoveling shredded bark (3 1/2 yards worth) into wheelbarrow from trailer, raking or bending over or squatting to spread it out. Walking up and down terraced steps in the process for around 3 hours.

Husband: Yard work – all of above, plus pushing (and sometimes with a running start to get it there) and obviously shoveling more than me!

We have at least 2 more yards to shovel, etc., tomorrow. I’m tired thinking about it, but it was really fun, especially seeing the results.

Laughter? Yes, a bit. His quick wit and my walking into it, provided the laughter as did a few minutes respite talking to our favorite neighbor about kids.




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