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Spring, come into our stepsWoo Hoo! Let’s get started. . .

19 04 2007


with that cheer leading stuff, but first, I just realized that when I comment on WordPress blogs it sends you back here, my only blog with them and this one is more for my records than for you to enjoy, not much to it. So, please, feel free to click on the right side under “I Blog Here” and visit my ‘real blogs’.  (Thanks)

This blog is my commitment to doing the things I do occasionally, but forget or put off doing the majority of the time. It is NOT about doing anything I hate (other than a strong dislike of most housework). No rants or raves or poetry or opinions here like my other blogs (unless I get carried away, but who will have time for that here!)

This is all about making it until I am 114, yes, 114, that is my goal, made just before my 57th birthday this year. It is about dragging my husband along with me and anyone else that wants to come along. Here comes day 1, nothing like a solid start.

Accountability – I know it works for some, but with my creative mind that never stops reprocessing the same information until something new is added to become the same soon enough, well, let’s just leave it that I can toss accountability by the wayside before you can come up with a reason for me not to.

Blogging though, now that I pay attention to, a lot of mine is introspective (when it is not rambling) – So let’s get with it!

Living is the living of it, right? I’ve got the mental part of that down pat, hands behind my back, on my back, one leg off the ground and all that. On to the physical — and I will get to that just as soon as my food settles.

but you might want to check with your doctor, first!!!

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20 04 2007

Marcia, you haven’t mentioned a plan. What are your goals, what are you going to do to reach them?

20 04 2007

Chris – Goals, plural – no, only one true goal (which requires staying healthy) – live to 114!

No plan? Point taken. I do not have a “Plan” tab. True to my nature, my plan is scattered across all 5 step tabs and is not as specific as some. The short version:

Hello World – my goal is to live, really live to 114
Identify – physical fun and exercise I have done in the past
Scheme – listed the types of physical fun and exercise I will do in the near future
Dance – added laughter to the process (my pep talk to refer back to)
Capture – photograph it, make memories from it all, show progress, laughter ensues
Emote – feel the emotional changes exercise brings! Talk about it, share it
Progress – post daily exercise, etc. toward goal as a constant reminder

So, Chris, it may not have looked like a plan, but it is, I left how many of what open because that will change as I go and for my purposes, I need the reminder to just do it more than of how much. I listen to my body once I get started. I may obsess with words, but I don’t believe in obsessing with the body, not that I don’t. . .

I did forget to go into the eating healthier. I have been racing toward that goal already, and I will mention them from time to time. There, you have it, but some people may find the longer versions more fun to read. Take your time, ya’ll, read some today, some next week. (And get physical, it’s fun.) – Mee

20 04 2007

Ah! the 5 step plan bar. I didn’t notice it until you said. My keen eye for details is failing me. Plus I can’t keep up with your blog savyness. (sp?) So now I know to click on progress to see what you’re up to and cheer you on.

20 04 2007

Chris – Cheerleaders greatly appreciated!

24 04 2007

Marcia, another blog?????

24 04 2007

Brian – Yes, but this one is for another good cause, our health. How else am I going to remember to exercise when I am lost in writing? GRIN.

22 05 2007
This Eclectic Life

I started a private blog like this last week. I don’t have the guts to share it with the world, lol! I have a “gut” but no guts. Good going. I will monitor you.

22 05 2007

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