18 06 2007

Mee: Paced while waiting about 15 minutes.

Mee and husband: walked through a town for about 20 minutes.

We had a few laughs.


18 06 2007

Mee and husband: Walked around a town for 30 minutes or so.

Laughter, oh yeah.


18 06 2007

Mee and husband: Walked around a town for 45 minutes or so, a mall for 1o.  Laughed a lot.

Mee:  25 wallups, 40 second walldown.


15 06 2007

Mee and Husband: We walked up our slightly sloped road and down most of the way on the steep hill that even forces the Santa Fe to shift gears when we drive up it. Walked down a slightly slightly sloping side street – and back home. I left my water sitting on the counter. . .  it was slightly smoky (still cold here, yes!) and at one point the smell of fertilizer about put me out of the walk. . .  but we saw woods and slugs and robins and planes landing and taking off and friendly neighbors.  The sun was shining, a slight breeze – I started with a long-sleeved tshirt, a close fitting thin fleece jacket and a lightweight outer fleece jacket. . . I ended up in a t-shirt from the exertion, but it was not horrible!  I’ll walk it again, with the camera this time – and my water and shades.  Yeah, we laughed!


15 06 2007

Mee: 4 flights stairs, 25 wallups, laughter!

12.06.07 It’s backstroke time

13 06 2007

Well, old habits jumped back in, but can’t count them as exercise, although I did walk up and down the stairs a bit and around a few stores. And now that I think about it, we did park quite a distance away several times. There was a week of vacation in there, but got little exercise in. . . did get tons of laughter.

So, let’s try this again, with today:

Mee: 3 flights stairs, twice.


27 05 2007

Mee: 5.5 hours of: loping, pruning, raking, bending, and walking up and down and around the hill

Husband: 7.5 hours of the above plus wielding that fork and shovel and chainsaw

Laughter – yes, many times.


27 05 2007

Mee and husband: about .5 hours walking around mall

Laughter – oh yeah, we laughed.


27 05 2007

Mee: 4 flights of stairs, 25 wallups

Laughter – some


23 05 2007

Mee:  25 wallups, a couple trips on the stairs and some laughter.