Step 3. Dance

Yes, I was being clever titling this Dance. It is really about the doing and having fun doing it and dancing was the first thing I thought of. Second, but really tied for first is long walks in the fresh air with my husband. We both love the walks. Hiking is on our horizon, but since we are not there yet, we’ll pretend I didn’t mention it.

So, if you are doing this with me, this is where it really gets going. You smile, knowing that you really love it or you smile because you know there is no reason NOT to love it.

Yes, once again, you may question me, but there is really no reason not to love it — well unless you are in the Florida heat or its relatives, all of the South, Southwest, Northeast, and all those states that border them, well except ours out here — in the Pacific Northwest. So, if it is too hot to walk safely, walk inside or just dance, you don’t have to do it right at first, just move your body.

And laugh at how ridiculous you look. That’s right, I said that, too! Laughter is so good for your body, that it may actually be worth watching yourself in the mirror. Two benefits for the free price of one. OK, ready, get set, stop. I have more blogging to do, I have ignored all the poets I normally read. Be back later. Then we will do six flights together — if my muscle memory remembers how to manage that many.

but you might want to check with your doctor, first!!!


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24 04 2007

Hey, y’all. I couldn’t resist adding a music bar to this blog. Inspiration, you know. I chose, to honor all those years of belly dance, Mideastern music. I am so used to their rhythms. For some of you their rhythms may feel a bit unnatural, so, I will change it up and throw other things on there. If you can stay still listening to this, you have great control!

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