Step 1. Identify

57 year old female

Grew up loving to swim, playing hide n’ seek, and kickball — always thought of herself as a wimp. Skating some, too. (Never got over loving that, just got lost in life.)

In high school loved to walk and walk and walk (was that visual enough for you?)

Belly danced for over 15 years — loved loved loved (I preferred dancing at folk festivals and nursing homes, don’t go reading into this. . .) Left to tutor adult literacy for a while.

Taught belly dance to children 1 year — they are so cute waving their little veils around!

Hawaiian for a year or so, loved loved loved — left same reason as above.

In the midst of my dancing, took Tae Kwon Do for 1.5 years, earned 2nd belt. (Breaking boards lots of fun; huge teenage boys pulling a punch within one half inch of my cute little nose, not so, but truth be told — had they missed and broken it, I could have gotten a better one, ’cause I really don’t think mine is cute!)

Have tried little else:

  • bowling for two seasons, not my thing
  • water skiing, go figure, I could slalom
  • tap dancing as an adult, class ended
  • ballet /tap as a child, money ended
  • water ballet, fun, but not my thing
  • swim team as a child, what were they crazy, swim across that big pool for an hour?
  • disco dancing, well, my partner ended that, but it was fun
  • ballroom dancing, see previous
  • bicycling as an adult, cars are bigger than me
  • aerobics, the awesome class ended, didn’t like the others

All of that stuff was a long long time ago – I can still walk for a long time (especially at an RV show or mall), but rarely do.

I occasionally walk our interior flight of stairs 6 times in a row, but then forget.

So, that is who I am as far as activity. Thank goodness for a fantastic metabolism and no real craving for sweets, comparatively speaking.

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