Step 2. Scheme

Walk outside and up and down our staircase while we still have one; keep track of it in daily posts.  Yes, that is right, daily posts!

Do more yard work and less writing.  (Did I say less writing?  More yard work is fine, I love it, walking up and down our hill is new to this former flat Florida girl, but less writing?  This makes my fifth blog, then there’s the novel I’m working on, the short stories, my poetry — and emails, and learning CSS and HTML enough to function. . .  .)

Do my little weight exercises and my other more creative exercises.

Dance, pull out those old dance tapes when I could still twist and bend and marvel at why on earth it hurt other people to try. (This may be my paybacks for not understanding, ’cause I sure felt it the other day!)

OK. That will have to do for now, can’t afford bikes for the two of us right now, besides, I need weight bearing exercise, I don’t think a bike is.

So, that’s my scheme, of course, it is only the what is needed, not how to do it, but I suppose just doing it is the how to  do it, right?

Wish me luck! (I mean us, I told you I am dragging him with me.)

One response

10 05 2007

Figure I will just use comments to update these pages. . . I did find the ankle weights – but I can look at something and not see it! So, weeks into this, I just this second. . .wait. . . OK, now I can finish typing it honestly! I just this second put them on – I think they are only two pounds – and I can feel them even sitting down. . . Think I will add 2lb weights as a category — then maybe I will wear them. Hope you all are on track to getting healthier! – Mee

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