Step 5. Emote

Come on, get it out, you know most days you love it. The feel of your body glistening in sweat, the muscles just before they tire out and allow your tired other muscles to crumple to the floor, that feel of fresh air and light breezes tangling your long blonde hair (oops, that’s mine I’m talking about), the fact that you actually moved your hip that other half inch without screaming in pain.

(Note – I do NOT NOT NOT believe pain is involved in becoming healthy, if you really hurt when you do something, stop! It is not necessary. It truly is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, admit it, a bit more energy? Sleep better? Laughed a lot more in the mirror? Laughing is emoting!

Come on, we can do this!

but you might want to check with your doctor, first!!!!

3 responses

21 04 2007
Jenn in Holland

Hey! Love this new blog of yours and am feeling very inspired by your steps. Very cool. Will check back for belly dance shots for sure!

21 04 2007

Jenn, thank you for commenting. Inspiring someone is an awesome feeling, thanks. I’ll post one, totally covered, as threatened.

16 05 2007

So, y’all, I have at least exercised a tiny bit nearly every day since I started this blog — so in that respect I have been successful — but I have not done as much as I wanted to or planned to so far — I get so lost in my writing. So, in that respect I am disappointed.

The days I exercise more I do feel better and not just physically, I am just happier, both because I remembered and because it makes me feel better. So, since I am writing on this blog now, I think I will go exercise a bit – now, before I start working on my other blogs. . . I think. . . .

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